Underlying Crimes
A Bio-crime Series
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       Underlying Crimes

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A most wanted bioterrorist, she creates deadly bioweapons and designs super-human babies. She’s a DNA hacker who manipulates and mutates and changes like a chameleon. In a world under threat by genetic attack, everyone wants to find her, including the men she has scammed.

Rhode Island sleuths Jo and Jeremy Blair, US intelligence, Chinese MSS, Russian FSB and the Scandinavian Police are in hot pursuit of Tiger Girl. They follow her trail in Sweden and Norway on a journey that brings them perilously close to confrontation. Whoever traps Tiger Girl wins the prized trophy.

             But tigers are elusive. Catch her if you can.

            Tiger Tiger : Underlying Crimes
"Tiger Tiger: Underlying Crimes proves a smooth and sultry hybrid of Michael Crichton and Tess Gerritsen.  

Joann Mead fills those big shoes in splendid fashion, crafting a bio-thriller complete with a femme fatale and feel of classic 
James Bond as envisioned by Ian Fleming.  

A wondrous mix of science and speculation, certain to both 
enthrall and entertain."

--Jon Land, USA Today bestselling author of Strong Light of Day

In a Hong Kong hotel room, a sexy scientist and her lover manipulate each other, in more ways than one. Not for love. For Mei it is the money. For both it is the sex. And for Kahliy the nihilist, it is his burning desire to wreak havoc on America.

Mei toys with microbes and men. She tests her Tiger Flu ceation, the most lethal bioweapons ever know, on unwitting victims while her lover plots a 9/11 style attack of human time bombs. Are we doomed or will "The Partners" prevail in preventing it?

Nothing will stop those with evil intentions. And once the Tiger has escaped from her cage, there will be no way of capturing her.
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REVIEW      Tiger Tiger: Underlying Crimes 
“Move over Robert Ludlum, Tom Clancy, Robin Cook, Michael Crichton and Ian Fleming because there’s a new kid on the block. Her name is Joann Mead and with just a little bit of luck she might turn the biotech thriller genre of fiction right on its head. 

Ms. Mead tells a tiger of a tale in her biotech thriller “Tiger Tiger” as brilliant and hedonistic research scientist Mei Wong manipulates the DNA in a strain of bird flu in a secret Chinese government lab to create the most lethal virus ever known to humankind.

The story of Mei and the men she manipulates to satisfy her lust sweeps across three continents with the speed of a pandemic, leaving the reader breathless, and wanting more as the plot unfolds one deadly detail at a time.”

     --David W. Christner, Playwright


An exciting mystery ripped from the headlines!

"Underlying Crimes" is a biotech crime/medical mystery set in a tiny New England state known for its culture of corruption.

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"Underlying Crimes is a biotech crime/medical mystery set in a tiny New England state known for its culture of corruption. The story unfolds connecting the corporate upperworld of Allbio biotechnology to the criminal underworld of corrupt politicians and crooked cops. 

Jo Blair, a biotech manager, is caught in an intricate web of criminality as she is arrested, brutally beaten by police and targeted for murder. She doesn't know what it is that she knows. Not until the children in the community fall deathly ill from a common bacteria that has somehow morphed into a virulent, lethal superbug. 

A young girl writhes in agony as she spews out curses and epithets. Her death is the harbinger of what is to come, an outbreak of lethal diseases in school children. Jo questions why. Did the dumping of Allbio's bioengineered genes into the neighborhood sewers make the children ill and destroy their immunity? Was it bioterror or bioerror when the children sickened and died? Or will Jo's knowledge be silenced and disappear, as fleeting as the foreign gene, the weapon of immune destruction? The answer is hidden in the DNA.

In my novel "Underlying Crimes" the medical mystery is solved in a sensational court trial. The conviction of senior biotech executives uses evidence from microbial forensics for the first time in a court of law. That opportunity was lost in when the perpetrator of the Anthrax mail attacks of 2001 committed suicide.  But the question remains, can the biotech corporation be indicted as a Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization under the RICO act?

You don't need bioterrorists to commit a Bio-crime.

"Compelling, gripping, I couldn't put it down."
"The Sopranos of Biotech."

"If you liked...The Constant Gardener, Michael Clayton, Erin Brockovich, Silkwood, Bad Pharma ...you'll like Underlying Crimes."


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